Parallels between Hawaiian and Hindu Gods

The geographically and culturally distant civilizations of the ancient Hawaiians and Hindus of India share remarkable parallels in their religious deities. Though deities from each region are distinct, the divine figures of these two cultural pantheons used many of the same techniques to express the same religious ideals.  

Hawaiian gods and goddesses typically embody the natural elements of the islands, such as the ocean, mountains, rivers, and volcanoes. The Hawaiian pantheon has over 4,000 deities, each structured into a hierarchical family of gods and goddesses. Chief among the Hawaiian gods and goddesses is Ku; deity and personification of the primal darkness, chaos, and the process of creation and destruction. Ku, like the Hindu god, Shiva, is often depicted with various weapons and is associated with death, destruction, and fertility. Other Hawaiian gods and goddesses, including Kane the Sky Father, Kanaloa the god of the sea, and Pele the goddess of volcanoes, are similarly paralleled in the Hindu pantheon by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the Goddess Kali.

In Hindu tradition, all gods are credited as aspects or manifestations of the ultimate reality that is Brahman. In the same way, the ultimate reality of the Hawaiian gods is expressed in their concept of Aumakua, who is the supreme being from which all the gods and goddesses originate. Aumakua (or Io, the Supreme One of Ancient Hawaiian tradition) is credited with having the ultimate power over death, destruction, and fertility. This conceptualization of a single source of all gods and goddesses echoes the monism expressed in the Hindu religion, where there is one unified source, Brahman, from which all aspects of reality emanate.

Other similarities between the Hindu and Hawaiian pantheons include the shared reverence for ancestors and the idea of kapu, or sacredness. Among Hindu gods, this reverence is expressed in the notion of ancestor worship, where offerings are made to the departed. The ancient Hawaiian religion also expresses similar veneration for departed ancestors. These ancestors are viewed as guides and protectors that inhabit the divine realm known as Po. In each culture, departed ancestors are thought to interact with the living and serve to protect them from harm.

Additionally, both Hawaiian and Hindu religions place strong emphasis on concepts such as respect, balance, and sustainability. As the Hawaiian gods maintain the ecological balance of the islands, the Hindu gods function in a similar manner throughout India. Respect and balance are seen in both pantheons as separate gods cooperate to maintain a sense of harmony and stability among the people. Nature veneration is also a shared concept between the two religious traditions, as humans are to show reverence to and respect the natural environment as sources of power and healing.

The parallels between the ancient gods of Hawaii and India demonstrate the remarkable ways in which two distant cultures can arrive at similar religious conceptualizations. Through each region’s pantheon of gods, common religious ideals emerge, emphasizing respect, resilience, and balance. Ultimately, the Hawaiian and Hindu gods serve as tangible reminders of the interconnectedness of global culture and religion.

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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is a ceremonial magick ritual that was devised and used by the original Order of the Golden Dawn and has become a mainstay in modern occultism. It is considered a basic preliminary to any other magical work and is often memorized and practiced daily. The LBRP consists of three main parts, including the Qabalistic Cross, which is meant to construct an astral cross in the body of the magician, with points corresponding to sephiroth on the Tree of Life using the doxology of the Lord’s Prayer. The ritual can be performed with little to no special equipment or clothing, and the only magical tool required is a dagger, although the right index finger can be used instead.

Ruda and Rudra: Parallels in Pre-Islamic and Vedic Society

For centuries, scholars have studied the similarities and differences between the polytheistic religions of the ancient world. One of the most interesting such comparisons is of Ruda and Rudra, two deities that each have roots in both the pre-Islamic era and the Vedic period. Through analysis of their shared gods, this article seeks to identify any possible commonalities of religious symbolism and practices in both regions.

Rudaw or Ruda is thought to be one of the chief gods in the ancient pre-Islamic polytheistic religion. He is said to have been a warlike god who brought violence and destruction to those who did not honor him. Rudra, meanwhile, is found within the Vedic religion and is thought to emerge from Indo-Aryan culture. He is known as the “storm god”, who symbolizes fear and the destructive power of nature and of the gods.

One key similarity between Ruda/Rudaw and Rudra is the symbolic relationship between violence and power. In both gods’ stories, there is an assumption that violence is necessary in order to maintain order and power in a community. This links back to the concept of “divine retribution,” a belief that the gods will punish those who have done wrong or have forgotten their devotion to the gods. This concept is found in both pre-Islamic and Vedic religions.

Another commonality between Rudaw and Rudra can be found in their dual-faced nature. Rudaw was thought to have two faces: a benevolent one, and a cruel one. This duality was seen as a reflection of the power of Rudaw. Similarly, Rudra is also said to be two- faced: a responsible and an indulgent one. This duality is often seen as an indication of Rudra’s complex nature, as well as a representation of the balance of power. 

Finally, both gods are associated with the moon, which holds a special significance in various ancient religions. For Rudaw, the moon symbolizes the cycle of life and death, as well as the power to create and destroy. For Rudra, the moon is a reminder of the never-ending cycle of life and death, as well as the power of the gods.

Despite some distinctions between Rudaw and Rudra, there are certainly a number of similarities to be drawn between them. Beyond the obvious comparison of the two gods, these similarities suggest a shared belief system in pre-Islamic and Vedic societies. Whether or not these connections had an influence or effect on one another remains an open question. 

Ultimately, it is clear that there are a number of similarities between Ruda and Rudra and their associated religions. Through an examination of their shared symbolism and practices, it is possible to gain insight into the common beliefs of pre-Islamic and Vedic societies.

The Body is the Garden of Eden

The body is the Garden of Eden. The Head is the “Heaved Up Place” or the Dome of Heaven. The CSF (CerebroSpinal Fluid) is the river Gihon (Nile) one of the four rivers in the Garden of Eden mentioned in GeneISIS Chapter 2. It encompasses the land of EthiOpia which is the Etheric Optical or Optic Thalamus aka the Light Of The World. Accessed thru the Tree of Life aka the Vegus (Negus/King) Nerve. The 4 Rivers are in the Human anATOMy (Adam/Man). They are 4 heads that break off from the One River of Life which is SALiva/SALt/SALvation. The River of Saliva starting in the mouth is under the Pituitary (Peter) and above the Vegus Nerve which is connected to it. Both are associated with the Tree of Life.

The mouth eats the food of earth, breathes air, is wet with water. And speaks the word of Fire (4 elements).

 Euphrates is the Blood Stream. It means “Good to Cross” and is referring to the heart barrier Torus field which shapes the sign of the Cross.

The Pison is the URinary tract. UR means Gold. It went thru the land of Havilah (possibly India) which scriptures mentions as having gold. Abraham also was from the land of UR.

The Hiddikel River which is the Tigris is the digestive tract that runs thru Babylon, if it becomes corrupted it poisons the whole world/body. 

The Gihon/Nile is the CSF that flows up stream (Up the Spine/Micro Cosmic Orbit). It is also called the Chrism or Luminous Ether (5th Element that reaches the Medulla/Mouth Of God) which is the Anointing Oil, and is where we get the word Christ. Our Pineal Gland is constantly being bathed or Anointed with CSF. Gihon means “to burst forth”. 

The Semen (as welll as all other Oils secreted from the various glands) is considered an extension of the Life-Giving Chrism. Oil backwards is Lio/Leo/Lion. The Libido energy has long been thought of as a Lion. Consider the Nazarite Samson who conquered the Lion in order to get the Honey. In the Gospel Of Thomas Christ says: “Blessed is the Man who eats the Lion so the Lion can become Man. But woe to the man who is eaten of the Lion before the Lion becomes Man”

The Conquering Lion of Judah, like the Buddha has conquered the Lion within. The Bible also tells us to be sober and vigilant because the devil is like a roaring Lion.

Most human bodies today function under the order of the god of this world. The secrets of Eden long forgotten but occasionally revealed by Great Awakened Beings.

Few are they who find the Way.

One of the hidden reasons for the practice of celibacy (Brahmacharya) in the seminary (semen-ary)  has to do with the refining of semenial fluid thru  sexual transmutation and raising up the Chrism. Sending Moses up the Nile… The fish/ seed that flows up stream until it reaches the land of milk (feminine lunar magnetic serotonin/melatonin ) and honey( masculine solar electric D.M.T/Divine Mental Transmutation)

The Mind of Is-Ra-El/ Single Eye of Eyesus which is unlocked in the Pineal/Penial discovered in GeneISIS 32.30 By Jacob who saw God face to face and lived. He was the grandson of SarAbram (Cerebrum) the Brahmins who became Fathers and Mothers of a New Race. 

Let thine Eye Be Single (MAAThew 6.22). 

In the New Testament the CSF is the Jordan/Yardin/Garden River. The Garden is protected with a sword of Fire. Christ said His baptism was one of Fire and Spirit. When our Pineal Gland is Baptized in the Jordan by being bathed in Chrism. The Oil sparks the Fire of Life and man literally receives the Holy Breath/Spirit. Higher Quality Chrism creates a greater flame and burns hotter. Christ said “those who are close to I are close to a Flame.”

To feed the flame you must use the reSPIRITory system to connect to Source Power and L.O.V.E (Law Of Vibrational Energy)… Man does not live off of bread alone but by the Word/vibration/Prana/life force that proceeds from the Mouth Of God (Medulla Oblangata at the base of the Skull/Golgotha.) The word EAT is hidden in the words brEATh and dEATh. These are the real names for the 2 trees ???? ???? in the garden. Physical orgasm drains the life force and brings death (tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is duality of birth and death), whereas using the breath raises the Chrism up the spine (Tree Of Life) and brings the blood/soul up to the head/Heaven where Khrist sits on the Throne in the center of the Brain surrounded by 12 cranial nerves (disciples) who are His “judges” . This is the Yoke/Yoga of Light that was taught by the Master Jesus and many other awakened Sons of the Most High.

Like the Apostle Paul who also knew the code of the 2 Trees and taught about the Fruit of the Spirit/Breath. One of them being Self Control which can be seen as Pranayama/Life-Force-Control/ Breath-Work/Shamanic Breathing.

The ancients spoke of healing through synchronized Breath with the Healer.

Let this same Mind that was in  Yahshua also be in YOU.  He left us the Sign of Jonah. Jonah means Dove which is a symbol of the Crown Chakra/Holy Spirit. Jonah is hidden in the belly of the fish/seed and must be raised up so that He can Speak the Word of Salvation to the “Gentiles” and save them with the At-One-Ment of Inner Anointing/Crystalizing/Christalizing. Why do you think he (Jonah) had the people of Niniveh fast pray and meditate for three days? He was teaching the same process God just took him thru. The same wilderness of meditation the Christ was in for 40 days. As Moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness of meditation so the Seed of Man must also be lifted up.

Read the book of RA-veilations (Revelations)  and understand that the Mark of the Father is in the Forehead. 

The hidden message in the Name RasTafari is “The Mark/Sign/Seal in the Head is Worthy of Reverence”

Swami Paramahansa Yogananda said: “The Spine and the Brain are the altars of God”

Written by Ras Imon Shamaiwan

Shiva & Nandi

Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, creation, and regeneration, has long been linked to an association with Nandi, his loyal bull. Their relationship has transcended time and is symbolically represented in many images.

From the stories of Shiva, it is said that Nandi was a gift given to Shiva by his father, the god Brahma. Nandi was a white bull, blessed with strength and loyalty, and Shiva respected him above all else. Nandi became a loyal companion and adviser to Shiva.

The tales of Shiva and Nandi continue to be told through statues, images, and sculptures. One representation of the duo is in a bas-relief stone sculpture that is said to have been inspired by a story where Shiva declared to Nandi that he would remain in the form of a bull as long as his master danced in the cosmic dance of creation and destruction.

The two were also said to be inseparable, and wherever Shiva made his presence, Nandi would accompany him. In times of sorrow and struggle, Shiva was said to ride upon Nandi, and Nandi provided comfort and solace to Shiva when he needed it the most.

Nandi and Shiva remain two of the most symbolic representations of loyalty, courage, and friendship. Their bond is still celebrated and remembered in religious and cultural functions.

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Eve & The Gnostic Serpent of Eden

Under the shade of the sacred tree,
The serpent spoke with heavenly glee;
For by choosing the fruit of fate,
Eve will join him in Heaven’s gate.

The serpent showed her the way,
To love and knowledge in one day;
So she ate of the forbidden tree,
And opened knowledge to thee and me.

He opened up the minds of all,
To see and understand the higher call;
The serpent spoke with spirit’s truth,
Teaching humankind the way of youth.

For the serpent was not the force of evil,
But the one who gave all knowledge to people;
He opened up their minds to see,
That their wisdom was divine and free.

He was a leader of bright light,
Guiding Eve away from wrong and from right;
And though his actions may be feared,
His wisdom is still alive and revered.

So as we look back in history,
We recognize the hidden deity;
The serpent brought knowledge and insight,
In the Garden of Eden that blessed night.