Sakshi Zion means Witness of Heaven on Earth, hailing from Bloomington, Indiana and Hawaii, Sakshi is a Sanskrit word meaning Witness (is also a name of Krishna) and Zion (from his Rastafari influences) means Heaven on Earth, and represents a Consciousness and Mindset of Divinity, Love and Abundance. For Sakshi, Kirtan is a part of his soul. He has shared the stage with famous Kirtan artists: Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Arjun Baba, as well as several other artists including Matisyahu, MC Yogi, The Kirtaniyas, WAH, Dave Stringer, Tina Malia, Shyam Das, DJ Drez, Tubby Love and More. Sakshi also performed in front of tens of thousands at the Historic Interfaith and Human Values Conference called the Silver Jubilee in Bangalore, India. His music is an ever evolving voyage of self-discovery and transformation. Kirtans are ancient and mystical chants which purify the consciousness and connect one to the Divine through specific mantras, tones, and musical vibrations. Our message speaks to Unity, Compassion, and Peace.

“Kirtan is a healing power, it is actually medicine to the wounded souls of humanity and people actually long for this experience. I am simply a vessel of the healing vibrations that come through in the kirtan experience. The Divine in all its Amazing and Powerful Energies and Aspects infuse the mantras and kirtans with tremendous healing power and inspiration. I also interweave my kirtans with stories in my workshops which help relate the mantras and divine names to the participants of the kirtan. I also present workshops such as “Ancient Secrets of Success” using visual representations, sharing universal principles found in ancient spiritual traditions such as Yoga and the teachings of Christ and Krishna, how they are still being used today in the success and business world, along with such principles as the Law of Attraction, showing these same secrets ANYONE can use to powerfully create the life of their dreams and even attain enlightenment.”

Listen to our Sakshi Zion & Baraka Kirtan Here.

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter (Reggae, RnB, Classic Rock, Folk, Pop)

Sakshi’s acoustic sets consist of a delightful mix of Reggae, R&B, HipHop, Ragga, Kirtan, World Fusion & More. He has been in several musical projects, including: Baraka, The Tuff Tones, Santos and the Saints, The Nyahbinghi Livity Choir, Indiana University African American Choral Ensemble, Kuru Dynasty, La Onda, Roots Groundation Family, Parrhesia and more. He has shared the stage with the legendary reggae group: The Mighty Diamonds. While being known for his spiritual and conscious Reggae, Hiphop and Kirtan music, his other love is RnB, Neo Soul and even Pop music which is reflected in his new songs which deal with real-life love and loss. His music is an ever evolving voyage of self-discovery and transformation.

Dub Mantronica

We also provide an offering of Reggae Dub Electronica, an upbeat world music fusion for the dance parties, yoga dub and festivals! Don’t forget your dancing shoes! This high-energy higher-frequency music vibration will light up your night life! 

~ Instruments of the Divine Force.. Music of the Ancient Future ~

Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, Musician, Yoga Teacher, World Traveler