Social Media Manager

Are you looking for a talented Social Media Manager to administer your social media accounts?

As your Social Media Manager, I will be responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts and responding to followers. I will manage your company image in a cohesive way to achieve your marketing goals.

As a Social Media Manager, I am up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends.


  • Perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences
  • Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals
  • Set specific objectives and report on ROI
  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content daily (e.g. original text, photos, videos and news)
  • Monitor SEO and web traffic metrics
  • Collaborate with other teams, like marketing, sales and customer service to ensure brand consistency
  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner and monitor customer reviews
  • Oversee social media accounts’ design (e.g. Facebook timeline cover, profile pictures and blog layout)
  • Suggest and implement new features to develop brand awareness, like promotions and competitions
  • Stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools and applications

My Experience

  • Proven work experience as a Social Media Manager
  • Hands on experience in content management
  • Excellent copywriting skills
  • Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of online marketing channels
  • Familiarity with web design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical and multitasking skills

I have worked with several businesses, churches and more to manage and help create for them more success. If you are looking for a qualified Social Media Manager for your business, organization, church or project, ect, ect… Email Me:

Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, Musician, Yoga Teacher, World Traveler