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Last Days of Left Eye

This documentary appeared in my recommended list on YouTube and I felt strongly moved to watch it immediately. I had no idea how amazing Left Eye was! This is so inspiring! I always felt connected to her, as TLC was one of my favz back in tha day, but seriously, you must watch the whole thing! I’m completely floored.. and bawled at the end. I had no idea she was vegetarian and had such a spiritual and humanitarian calling. I didn’t know of her connection to Dr. Sebi and Honduras, the children’s center she built there, her attempt at releasing a solo album and so many other fascinating things this documentary reveals. And even more amazing is she was personally in charge of this 30 day documentary and it was on the 27th day that she died tragically. I always loved her but now i feel like her spirit just reached out and touched me. She is helping me alot right now, because I am feeling so similar to how she felt during her last days. The pain in her heart and the beauty of her vision is something I resonate with so deeply it brings tears to my eyes just writing this. I love you Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, my angel.

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~Sakshi Zion

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