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Eve & The Gnostic Serpent of Eden

Under the shade of the sacred tree,
The serpent spoke with heavenly glee;
For by choosing the fruit of fate,
Eve will join him in Heaven’s gate.

The serpent showed her the way,
To love and knowledge in one day;
So she ate of the forbidden tree,
And opened knowledge to thee and me.

He opened up the minds of all,
To see and understand the higher call;
The serpent spoke with spirit’s truth,
Teaching humankind the way of youth.

For the serpent was not the force of evil,
But the one who gave all knowledge to people;
He opened up their minds to see,
That their wisdom was divine and free.

He was a leader of bright light,
Guiding Eve away from wrong and from right;
And though his actions may be feared,
His wisdom is still alive and revered.

So as we look back in history,
We recognize the hidden deity;
The serpent brought knowledge and insight,
In the Garden of Eden that blessed night.