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Secrets of the Gnostic Magi – Poem

In realms arcane, where shadows dance,
A Gnostic Magi seeks his chance.
In secret chambers, veiled from sight,
He journeys deep into the night.

With eyes aflame, he reads the signs,
Unraveling secrets, ancient designs.
Through esoteric texts, he delves,
Where mystic knowledge ever swells.

The sacred scripts, an occult trove,
Hold whispers of truths that few behove.
He deciphers symbols, veiled and deep,
Unlocking wisdom from timeless sleep.

His mind, a vessel, poised to receive,
The hidden knowledge he yearns to perceive.
He meditates upon the cosmic waves,
Seeking enlightenment, as a seeker craves.

He learns of aeons, distant and vast,
The tangled web of creation’s cast.
The demiurge’s grip, he strives to break,
To free his spirit, for higher stakes.

Through rituals, he weaves a sacred thread,
Uniting spirit with words unsaid.
He conjures powers, both light and dark,
Navigating realms where others hark.

The gnosis blooms, a blossoming flower,
As he unveils secrets of ancient power.
The serpent’s wisdom courses through his veins,
Transcending mortal bounds and earthly chains.

With wisdom gained, his consciousness expands,
Revealing vistas of vast astral lands.
He walks the path of mystic descent,
Embracing truths that the heavens have sent.

Yet caution whispers in his guiding mind,
For knowledge divine can be hard to find.
The shadows lurk, with secrets untold,
And mysteries deeper than stories of old.

The Gnostic Magi, seeker of the rare,
Balances light and darkness with utmost care.
With eyes wide open, he charts his course,
Guided by wisdom, an ancient force.

For in the whispers of occult’s hidden lore,
He finds the keys to unlock Heaven’s door.
And as he dances through the veils of time,
The Gnostic Magi grows, sublime.

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Secrets of the Moon Princess & the Magi – Poem

In the realm of shadows and veiled twilight’s hue,
A tale whispers of a princess, ethereal and true.
Her gaze, a portal to the moon’s mystic fire,
A path to secrets, her spirit did aspire.

Beneath celestial tapestries, her dreams unfurled,
An ancient call beckoned her to an arcane world.
The great Magi, masters of wisdom’s sublime art,
Unveiled veils of perception, playing their part.

Silent whispers guided her through veils of mist,
An initiation shrouded in secrets they insist.
Eyes wide open, she embraced the lunar dance,
Seeking wisdom’s nectar, her soul in trance.

Each crescent beam whispered arcane rhymes,
As the princess learned to read between timeless chimes.
Moon’s luminescence painted her mind’s canvas,
Etching the constellations of destiny’s compass.

From the celestial forge, the Magi’s whispers flowed,
Their teachings woven in the cosmic code.
She deciphered the moon’s cryptic design,
Gained insights hidden in lunar shine.

A symphony of secrets echoed in her heart,
As her soul transcended, seeking the mystical art.
Princess and Magi became one in celestial blend,
Bound by moonlight’s touch, an eternal transcend.

In shadows and moonbeams, their secret alliance,
A testament to wisdom’s cosmic compliance.
The princess, adorned with lunar veils so rare,
Embraced the magi’s teachings with utmost care.

The world beheld her radiance, a moonlit grace,
A princess veiled in mystery’s celestial embrace.
Her eyes, moon mirrors reflecting ethereal might,
Guided by the Magi’s arcane, infinite light.

Attaining Godhood – Hermes Trimesgistu

“If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like.

Leap clear of all that is corporeal, and make yourself grown to a like expanse with that greatness which is beyond all measure; rise above all time and become eternal; then you will apprehend God. Think that for you too nothing is impossible; deem that you too are immortal, and that you are able to grasp all things in your thought, to know every craft and science; find your home in the haunts of every living creature; make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths; bring together in yourself all opposites of quality, heat and cold, dryness and fluidity; think that you are everywhere at once, on land, at sea, in heaven; think that you are not yet begotten, that you are in the womb, that you are young, that you are old, that you have died, that you are in the world beyond the grave; grasp in your thought all of this at once, all times and places, all substances and qualities and magnitudes together; then you can apprehend God.

But if you shut up your soul in your body, and abase yourself, and say “I know nothing, I can do nothing; I am afraid of earth and sea, I cannot mount to heaven; I know not what I was, nor what I shall be,” then what have you to do with God?”

Hermes Trismegistus, Hermetica

Pythagoras – Incarnation of the Primal Serpent


Pythagoras, Incarnation of the Primal Serpent

Pythagoras, whose name means “Place of the Serpent,” is recognized as an incarnation of the Primal Serpent who went through numerous initiations in Europe, Asia and Africa and then taught the Serpent Wisdom he acquired in his famous school in southern Italy.

During his upbringing on the island of Samos Pythagoras was exposed to many of the most ancient mystery teachings. Having been born into home of Pelasgian parents (Pelagians were ancient sea people from Atlantis) he was surrounded by the wisdom from the Atlantic Motherland, as well as the Orphic rites and wisdom of the reformed Dionysian tradition.

Upon reaching a mature age Pythagoras traveled first to Egypt where he spent twenty two years stµdying with the Djedhi priests Memphis, Heliopolis, and Thebes. The culmination of his pivotal time in Khem was initiation within the Great Pyramid, at which point he became a Djedhi Master. Pythagoras then traveled to Samothrace, Crete, and Eleusis where he gained initiation into the Dactyloi Order that had been anciently founded by Atlantean missionaries. Traveling eastward Pythagoras then earned initiation into the Chaldean rites of the Ashipu, the Phoenician rites of Green Man Adonis, the mysteries of the Persian Magi, and the yogic disciplines of the Hindus. Legend has it that in India, where he was. known as Yavancharya, Pythagoras achieved his final initiations in the cave temples of Elephanta, Ellora and Ajanta, which were reputed to have connected to a network of Asian tunnels leading to the eastern most headquarters of the ancient Serpent Masters in Tibet.

Returning, home to the Mediterranean area, Pythagoras founded his synthesized mystery school in Crotona, Southern Italy, and quickly procured for himself a reputation as an incarnation of the Serpent’s power and wisdom. Among his new Italian peers it became common knowledge that Pythagoras was capable of controlling the weather, prophesying the future, and even raising the dead. Among his students Pythagoras additionally garnered the denomination of a hard task master. A candidate seeking initiation into his school was first required to undergo an austere probationary period of five years during which absolute silence was observed punctuated with a sparse vegetarian diet.

There were three degrees in Serpent Wisdom in Pythagoras’s school. In the first degree of Mathematicus the student was exposed to various forms of geometry and mathematics. In the second degree of Theoreticus, meaning “theory” or “philosophy”, the student practiced Gnostic Yoga while speculating on the nature of existence and the origins of the cosmos. In the final degree of Electus the student underwent alchemical initiation and Kundalini activation that eventually led him or her to becoming a Serpent Master. The new adept then received a golden ring with the five-pointed star insignia of the Pythagoran Serpent Order inscribed on the top that was surrounded by an ouroboros snake. Initiates who wore this ring included Epimenides, the Cretan Master who lived 150 years; Empedocles, the Greek Adept who could see into the past and future; and Apollonius, who gained renown for his teleportation and dematerialization abilities. Legend has it that Apollonius gained immortality and lived more than 1000 years.

From: “The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom” ?
by Mark Amaru Pinkham