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A New Star is Born – Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez

This is a solo song from Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes which I’m assuming was supposed to be on her solo album “Supernova” that her label decided not to release. She was so shattered they wouldn’t release it that she headed back to Honduras to break with life and begin her cleansing retreat and documentary about herself, during which she died tragically in a car crash. If her label had agreed to release her album she may still be here today. Regardless, as she says so many times “death is not the end, but a transformation” and this song has a very pure spirit and energy which she was trying to convey to the world before she left us here in the physical realm. She was truly a Supernova, a star that shines brighter then all the rest, a star that dies and transforms and births new stars.

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~Sakshi Zion

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