The Divine Love of Shiva Shakti

On sacred realms where mountains stand tall,
Shiva and Shakti, a cosmic enthrall.
He, the ascetic adorned in ash’s embrace,
She, the divine force, the Shakti of grace.

In the dance of creation, their cosmic ballet,
Shiva’s stillness, Shakti’s vibrant array.
Mount Kailash witnessed their divine duet,
A cosmic rhythm, where energies met.

Her ardor fueled the fiery third eye’s glow,
As he adorned the crescent moon’s soft throw.
In the dance of life’s cycles, they entwine,
Shiva and Shakti, a union divine.

Through cosmic energies, their love unfolds,
A tale of creation, as ancient scriptures hold.
In the cosmic dance, they forever unite,
Shiva and Shakti, eternal cosmic light.

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