“Om Blessed One, By the Grace of our Divine Sadguru; Baraka’s music, So much light, So much light, So much light. (our Agnihotra band) Om Tat.”
— Sri Charles, Founder of Shanti Villa Institute and Heal the Atmosphere Assoc., Interview
“Sakshi Zion & Baraka is a hard working band that is unified in its intent of artistic effort towards a spiritual end.”
Bamboo Steve, Musician, Interview
“The music has a certain quality about it that causes the listeners to go into a kind of trance, to allow their analytical mind to turn off and for them in that moment to sink into the experience and co-creative flow of the music. This seems to be where the greatest power for the band is held, and perhaps their greatest intention.”
Aaron Pollitt, Musician, Interview
“Sakshi Zion & Baraka is a wonderful band, full of friendly and fun people. Their unique and holistic approach to music is very refreshing. I think their blending of various sounds into a new flavor can be compared to the classic blending of chocolate and peanut butter. Hey, you’ve got your reggae in my kirtan!”
— Zachary N Wolfe, Monk & Storyteller, Interview
“Sakshi Zion makes the Kirtan so delicious that people really do stop. And intentionally or unintentionally become more receptive spiritual entities because of it.”
— Bamboo Steve, Musician, Interview
“Sakshi Zion is a powerful healer and visionary, his voice is soothing yet strong and penetrating to the soul.”
— Jai Maa (Author, Coach)

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