Storytime yoga

Storytime Yoga is an innovative children’s yoga program that integrates yoga, storytelling, poetry, music, games, meditation, and character building to produce healthy, peaceful and literate children, families and communities. Here’s to Kid’s Yoga!

Join Master-Certified Storytime Yoga instructor Sakshi Zion in a program that integrates storytelling, yoga, and music. Children will learn stories from around the world and yoga poses to act them out. Yoga philosophy can help build children’s self-confidence and self-worth. For ages 3 and up.

Children Love Yoga and Stories!

From story warm-ups to multicultural wisdom tales and kids’ original stories acted out with yoga poses, children play and learn with Storytime Yoga. At the end of every class we also play music and learn instruments and songs.

In unique Children’s Yoga and Family Yoga programs, Sakshi retells classic wisdom tales from around the world, and children act them out with yoga poses! Or children learn to tell their own stories and fairytales and script yoga poses with them!

Stories like:
The Peddler’s Dream from England about following your dreams
The Lion’s Whisker from Africa about the merit of patience
The Magic Pear Tree from China about giving and greedlessness
The Shipwrecked Sailor from Egypt about courage
The Buffalo Dance from Native America about respect and renewal ….and MORE!

Yoga and Storytelling for Children

Children also learn yoga philosophy, peace and character education through storytelling. Plus, songs, story warm-ups, story meditations, games, musical instruments, rhythms and more!

Childhood is the perfect time to develop a lifetime of healthy skills. Readily flexible in mind and body, children are naturally receptive to yoga and story. In Storytime Yoga, children become storytellers as they learn about their bodies, feelings and relationships to develop self-confidence, self-worth, self-reliance, a vivid and creative imagination, and health and joy — all part of a rich inner life that yoga, meditation and story connect with. These are the tools for success and happiness in adulthood.

As adults we can foster these tools by being examples ourselves. We accomplish this by practicing yoga, taking care of ourselves mentally and physically, and sharing story and time with our children and other loved ones. When there is love and peace for ourselves, then there is nothing but love and peace for others.

Let’s join together to raise happy children in healthy families all while healing ourselves and realizing our own potential. Here’s to kid’s yoga!

May there be peace in your heart and peace on earth.


~Sakshi Zion

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