Health Coach

With years of experience in my own journey to Health and Wellness, and a unique approach to Health by considering Mind, Body and Spirit, I am offering my services as a Health Coach.

People struggle with a variety of health-related problems. While treating conditions such as heart disease or diabetes involves medical attention, lifestyle changes also play a significant role. Unfortunately, actions such as losing weight or giving up cigarettes are not easy. Health coaches (also appropriately known as wellness coaches) serve as sources of motivation and knowledge. They work one-to-one with clients over a period of time to implement healthier habits. They monitor the success of specific efforts and suggest new tactics to try if necessary. Their contact helps patients stay accountable and gives them someone to turn to when questions arise.

While most medical professionals and some health coaches only look at the body’s health or lack thereof, my approach includes considering the factors which may affect the body, mind and spirit of the individual. With this approach, a more holistic or complete understanding of the issues can be addressed with compassion and we will create a specialized plan for each individual.

sakshi zion

$100 per hour. Send me an Email to Book Me :

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