Youth Mentor

A few years ago, I became involved in the Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) mentoring program which assists and mentors teens in becoming leaders in their communities, based on the teachings and philosophy of the Unity Movement. I participated in providing guidance to teens in their local community and helped facilitate the I.Y.O.U. event (International Youth of Unity) at the Unity World-Wide Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

I worked for some time at Indiana Mentor Network, where I mentored and assisted a child and adult, both on the Autism spectrum, in Bloomington, Indiana.

For years, I’ve been teaching a class called Storytime Yoga¬†for kids ages 3 and up.

I’ve also raised my own daughter full-time as a single father, with little to no help from her mother, who has struggled for years with alcoholism.

I now offer my services as a Youth Mentor, because I believe with all my heart that children are our future, they need guidance and excellent role models to look up to, find positive examples and encouragement for the things they are going through in their lives.

Too often, society, the school system and mainstream media sends our children mixed messages and expectations that can cause feelings of insecurity, anger, confusion and unnecessary stress or pressure to be something or someone they are not. These are just some of the many reasons why children and teens need positive examples and guidance from adults who can provide them with hope, inspiration and mentor-ship.


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