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Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) is one of the most venerated and beloved of all Christian saints. His life and legacy have inspired generations of people from all over the world. A contemporary of Saint Dominic and Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis was born the son of a wealthy merchant in the Italian city of Assisi. He was a pious child, devoted to prayer and caring for the poor, but he desired a life of worldly pleasure and fortune.

As a young man, he joined the military and fought in a war against Perugia, but a wound and a resulting epiphany permanently changed his life. He left the military and committed his life to poverty and service. He gave away all his possessions, adopted a simple clothing style, and began preaching. He eventually founded the Order of Friars Minor, commonly known as the Franciscans, which dedicated itself to helping the poor and the sick.

In his lifetime, Saint Francis traveled the world, from Italy to Egypt, North Africa, Spain and France. Everywhere he went, he spread his teachings of peace, love and service. He taught his followers to respect nature and animals, including his famous sermon to the birds. He also composed the popular prayer “Prayer of Saint Francis,” which is still recited by Christians today.

Saint Francis’ life was marked by severe trials and suffering, including a cross-shaped wound that he carried from the time he was a soldier in the military. He went to great lengths to help the sick and the poor and devoted his life to following the teachings of Jesus Christ. He demonstrated true devotion to God and a profound devotion to helping others. He earned the admiration and reverence of his followers and is venerated as the patron saint of animals, ecology, merchants, and the poor.

Saint Francis’ legacy continues even today, and his example of devotion, humility and compassion has inspired countless individuals throughout the centuries. He is an excellent example of charity, kindness and selfless service, and his life serves as a reminder of God’s grace and mercy. He is remembered as one of the most inspiring and beloved saints in the history of the Church.

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Saint Brigid / Saint Bride

Blessed St Bride’s day.

In rural Ireland, Imbolc is considered by many to be the first day of Spring, and coincides with Lá Fhéile Bhride, the Feast day of Saint Brigid.

The Druids regarded ‘Brid’ , as a most powerful and beloved Goddess, and on this day bonfires were lit in her honour.

Saint Brigid, known as Mary of the Gael, was born around 450 in Faughart, County Louth in Ulster. Her father, Dagda, was a Druidic High King of the Tuatha Dé Danann and her mother was a Queen called Brocessa.

One day her father took Brigid to the court of a rival King, and, leaving her outside to wait for him, he asked the King to marry Brigid to one of his sons.

When the King asked to see the girl, they found Brigid giving away her father’s sword to a beggar.

This sword had been presented to Dagda by the King, who said, ‘I cannot accept a girl into our family who holds a sword so cheaply’, and so it was that Brigid avoided being married.

Being very beautiful, Brigid had numerous suitors. Her father, still eager to marry her off, was not impressed by her conversion to Christianity or her vow of perpetual chastity, and remained determined to find her a husband.

So at the age of sixteen, Brigid implored Christ to make her so unattractive that nobody would want her as a wife.

Her prayer was answered; one of her eyes became grotesquely huge, while the other eye shrank – and it is said that upon seeing this, her father finally allowed her to become a nun.

But it is said that during the ceremony, Angels put a veil over her head, and her beauty was instantly restored, only this time even more luminous.

St Brigid received monastic tonsure at the hands of St Mael of Ardagh and was granted by the King of Leinster the possession of a plain called the Curragh, where she built herself a hermitage under a large oak tree, called Kill-dara, or Cell of the Oak.

As the leader of a community which later became Ireland’s most renowned center of learning, Brigid became an important figure in the ancient world, eventually assuming the role of Bishop.

Brigid set up an eternal flame to represent the Holy Spirit’s constant presence. The flame was extinguished several hundred years later during the Reformation, but it burns again today in Kildare.

St Brigid died on 1 February 524. She was buried at Kildare, and her relics were transferred to Downpatrick during the Viking invasions.

She is regarded as patroness of Ireland, second only to the Mother of God, and is venerated in northern Italy, France, and Wales.

Blessed St Bride’s day.

Gabhaim molta Bride.
I praise Brigid.

Ionmhain í le hÉireann
Beloved in all Ireland

Ionmhain le gach tír í
Beloved in all countries

Molaimis go léir í
Let us all praise her.

Lóchrann geal na Laighneach
The bright torch of Leinster

‘Soilsiú feadh na tire
Shining throughout the country

Ceann ar óghaibh Éireann
The pride of Irish youth

Ceann na mban ar mine
The pride of our gentle women.

Tig an gheimhreadh dian dubh
The house of winter is very dark

Gearradh lena ghéire
Cutting with its sharpness

Ach ar Lá ‘le Bríde:
But on Brigid’s Day

Gar dúinn Earrach Éireann.
Spring is near to Ireland..

Saint Brigid

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Story of the Jaguar Queen

Once upon a time, in the ancient kingdom of the Maya, there lived a princess named Zahira. She was known by the people of her kingdom as the Jaguar Queen due to her beauty and grace which seemed to rival that of the majestic jaguar.

It was said that when she was born, a vision of a beautiful jaguar had been seen in the sky. The people viewed this as an omen of good fortune and they believed it was a sign that an exceptionally gifted ruler had come into their midst.

As Zahira grew older, she devoted her life to the preservation of her people and their ancient traditions. She was well versed in the written words of their ancestors, and the art and poetry of the ancient Maya. Zahira was also an extremely skilled hunter. She often led her people on hunts for jaguar and other wild animals, bringing food and resources to the people of her kingdom.

One day, Zahira decided to embark on a quest. She journeyed deep into the jungle, a place that was known to be full of danger and mystery. She eventually arrived at a mysterious temple, one that had been hidden deep within the rainforest. A temple so vast and ancient that it had remained hidden away from the eyes of most.

In the temple, Zahira discovered an object of immense power and beauty. It was a stone tablet, inscribed with strange symbols she had not seen before. As she examined the tablet, she suddenly heard a voice whispering in her ear. It was the voice of a god – a god of the jaguar.

The god told Zahira that she was chosen to protect both her people and the ancient temple from the dangers that lurked in the jungle. The god bestowed great power upon her, enabling her to transform into a jaguar and fight off any evil forces that threatened to bring harm to her kingdom.

From then on, Zahira was known as the Jaguar Queen. She bravely guarded her kingdom, using her newfound strength to protect her people from harm. While she was feared by some, she was beloved by her people, and her legacy lives on in their stories and folklore.

Artist Unknown

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Poem for Goddess Shakti

Goddess Shakti meditates on the Divine Light,
Basking in its radiating might.
She transcends all limitations of the body,
Harnessing the power of cosmic energy.

Her soul travels to the source of all knowledge,
By her divine will, Her heart is enlarged.
Breathing in the frequency of divine surrender,
She knows Her path is true and tender.

The Light radiates within and without,
Awakening Shakti to the grandest thought.
Immersed in cosmic bliss Supreme She reigns,
Rising to the top of infinite planes.

Removed from the realm of limited sight,
The Goddess opens Her eyes to the All-Encompassing Light.
Her soul soaks in the Divine—emptying of all prior strife,
And is filled with boundless grace, love & light. 🪔

Kundalini Shakti Devi

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42 Cheat Codes I wish I knew at 22

  1. Use workouts to gain muscle, diet to burn fat and cardio to improve your overall health & longevity.
  2. Eat a high protein diet comprised of whole foods for the best body composition.
  3. When lifting weights, use your mind to muscle connection to increase muscle contraction.
  4. Upon waking drink water before coffee.
  5. Delay coffee for 1-2 hours upon waking. This lets cortisol clear out adenosine, which can lead to sustained energy into the afternoon.
  6. Use your nose for smelling & breathing. Use your mouth for talking, tasting & eating.
  7. Mouth breathing disrupts sleep, ruins oral health & can cause sleep apnea. Mouth taping at night helped me solve this.
  8. Mouthwash is the biggest dental scam. Kills your oral microbiota. Avoid.
  9. Avoid fluoride in your toothpaste. Use ones that have hydroxyapatite.
  10. Sleep at the same time every day. Align your body with the rising & setting of the sun.
  11. The 321 method for better sleep. No eating 3 hours before bed. No liquids 2 hours before. No screens 1 hour before.
  12. If you look at screens at night, wear blue light blockers.
  13. You sleep for 1/3 of your entire life. Learn how to optimize it and make it make it as awesome as possible.
  14. Memory is fallible. When you have a good idea write it down immediately.
  15. Your best ideas come in the shower, walking or in the gym. Keep a notepad ready.
  16. The biggest block in your abundance is not what you do; it’s what you believe.
  17. Close the toilet bowl when flushing to avoid particles of filth sprouting up into your bathroom atmosphere.
  18. The more you criticize others, the more you criticize yourself. If you want to judge yourself less, judge others less.
  19. Stay away from people who always complain. They are energy vampires.
  20. Stay away from people who gossip. They are most likely gossiping about you.
  21. Learn a martial art to increase discipline, confidence & release stress.
  22. Seek rejection daily. This numbs you to the feeling. Also, you only get what you ask for.
  23. Take complete ownership for every result in your life. The only constant in every result is you.
  24. When someone is walking in your path look at their shoulder closest to you. 8 times out of 10 they will move out of the way.
  25. Be in rooms where you’re the dumbest person. Work out at gyms where you’re the least fit person.
  26. When you feel an emotion don’t numb it. It’ll only make it feel worse later. Feel it fully then let it go. Emotion is energy. We must let it pass.
  27. You can tell a lot about someone’s character by how they treat service staff.
  28. Money & alcohol amplify who a person is at their core.
  29. When someone shows you their true colors believe them.
  30. A few months a year go monk mode. Eliminate all distractions & vices and use that energy to build your health & business.
  31. Who you choose as a partner will determine your level of peace, wealth & happiness.
  32. Your perception is reality. If you want a better reality change your perception.
  33. You’ll never be as young as you are now. Do what you feel you’re meant to do.
  34. Your best decisions come from stillness. Stillness is amplified in nature & meditation.
  35. You can only get stronger when you face problems in life. Embrace the fucking struggle.
  36. Show up, do the work & seek ways to grow. Do this every day & watch what happens.
  37. No one cares. Work harder.
  38. Trust people who say “I don’t know” more than the people who have all the answers.
  39. Seek feedback from those in the arena. Not from the ones who are boo’ing from the cheap seats.
  40. Instead of giving your kids what you wish you had, teach them things you wish you knew.
  41. Keep a small circle. It’s better to go narrow & deep than wide & shallow.
  42. True wealth is about being physically & financially healthy while living in a household full of love.

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Song of Sophia

Sophia! Grand dame of power in wisdom’s name
Divine intelligence, consuming the flame
To quell the chaos in the minds of man
Through great and unparalleled plan.

Goddess of wisdom, rooted in eternity
Giving insight to searchers of knowledge free
Unveil the truths we’re searching for and more
Let us learn like never before.

Sophia, enlightening us and cast your might
Your guidance always true, brilliant and bright
Leading us forward through uncertain night
Blossom our souls and be a guiding light.

Goddess of the deep, great cosmic array
Our gratitude we offer you always
Embrace our beings and reach the stars
As we honour all the gifts you are.

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The Elven Priestess Story

Deep in the forest, beneath the trees and under a starry sky, there lived an elven priestess named Lorana. For as long as she could remember, she had been guided on her journey by her spirit animal, the wise owl.

Lorana was a powerful and wise woman in her community. She had long, white hair and beautiful turquoise-colored, almond-shaped eyes, wise beyond her years. Her necklace was carved from wood and it held the secrets of the forest.

Lorana often spent time in the forest, meditating and seeking wisdom. One night, she saw a small owl perched atop a branch. This was her spirit animal, sent to guide her.

The owl went with Lorana everywhere, from the deepest corners of the forest to the highest mountains. It perched on her shoulder while she meditated, and it watched her intently. When she needed guidance and protection, the owl’s intelligent eyes looked upon her and offered her a wise counsel.

With the owl by her side, Lorana continued to learn and to grow. She learned about the natural order of the world and the movement of energies. She dove deep into the mysteries of spiritual wisdom and she studied about herbs and plant medicine.

Lorana eventually realized that she was part of something much bigger than herself. She became a protector of the Earth, a healer of wounds, and a guide to her community. Her knowledge and wisdom was deep, and it was the owl who had helped her to accept her role.

When Lorana decided to disappear, the owl flew away into the night sky, taking her sage knowledge and powerful spirit with it. But her legacy in the forest will remain, as will the bond between her and her spirit animal. And every once in a while, one can hear deep in the forest, the distant cry of the wise owl.

They say.. if you hear the owl’s hoot the Elven Priestess is near by.. and if you please her, she may even reappear, just for you. 🧝🏼‍♀️🦉

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Poem for Sri Radha

Radha, a young cowherd girl,
Her eyes brimming with tears,
Waited all through the long years
For Krishna’s return to Vrindavan.

The banks of the Yamuna were her home,
Where she wished everyday to roam,
For the glimpse of her divine lord’s face,
Her longing knew no time or space.

The birds, beasts and trees sang a tune,
Of love and divine longing,
The Gopis knew and all could feel,
Her divine love for him was real.

So she kept a flame burning in her heart,
Alone, and yet she was never apart,
Waiting for her lord’s return to her,
There to be with him, forever more.

Sri Radha 🪷

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Poem for Lord Shiva

A trident held by Lord Shiva 🔱
The symbol of power and reminder of divinity

The three points that glint in the sky’s golden hue
Pointing in each direction to uphold truth

Om Shivoham, Om Namah Shivaya
Vibrations of devotion and love for Shiva

The trident’s rays of grace fire down
Piercing, enlightening the hearts of one and all

It soothes our pains and cleanses our sins
Blessings from above, blessings from within

The trident is a sign of Lord Shiva’s strength
Protector of all, the destroyer of wrongs

Om Tat Sat, all strings of life come together
By His command, He binds the universe

The trident grounds and holds us together
In His love and grace, we belong to Him forever.

Art by Art is Well 🔱🕉️🔥

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Hamid Bey – Coptic Mystic

When Hamid Bey was a small boy, he had a remarkable experience. He and his parents met with a scholar who felt he was a candidate for Coptic Temple training. His parents agreed.

In Coptic temple training, Hamid was taught spiritual disciplines in emotional and mental control and meditation. One lesson involved going out in the countryside to beg for food for the temple. His Master had told him to thank the people, whether they gave him anything or not. This task made a great impression on him.

As Hamid grew in years, so did the advanced pace of his training. He was taught to enter a state of suspended animation. This was achieved by placing his body at the complete command of his will.

There were six preparatory Temples of learning that Hamid passed through before he could enter the final temple, the Temple of Divine Wisdom. In order to get to this temple, it is necessary to swim the Nile and enter through a tunnel. The big test here is that the Nile is infested in this area with vast numbers of crocodiles. The only way to know whether crocodiles are in the murky water is to locate them by mind power. This is something Hamid and his classmates were taught in their previous years of intensive training.

In this last temple, Hamid passed through the greatest and final test. Here, a flower is cultivated which does not grow anywhere in the world except in deepest central Africa. It is a beautiful white flower that gradually opens and closes. When open, the perfume of the flower is very pleasant; but, is a deadly poison to humans. It is used to prove an initiate’s physical and mental control. The flower is placed in the center of a series of eleven concentric circles. The eleventh one is closest to the flower. The initiate begins with the outermost circle. He must sit for one hour in each circle and keep his body independent of the poison, beginning with the outermost circle. The initiate earns a ring for each circle mastered; moving him closer to the flower. Hamid Bey made it to the seventh circle, which made him a seven-ring Master. The rings were symbolically worn on his headdress. When he attained the seventh degree, Hamid felt that he should leave the temple and go out into the world.

Upon his graduation from training, Hamid was given the privilege of a personal meeting with the great Master of the temple. The hour he spent with him gave Hamid guiding inspiration throughout his life.

At the age of eighteen, Hamid returned home to his family in Cairo. He soon joined the armed forces that were being sent out from Egypt to do service in World War I. He spent the next few years in the air force. There was one occasion during the war when his ability to place himself into trance saved his life. He found himself behind the lines with the enemy fast upon him. He put himself into trance and the enemy soldiers completely ignored him, being certain that he was already dead.

After W.W.I., Hamid decided to go to Italy to publicly demonstrate the powers he had learned in the temple training. He wanted to convince a skeptical world that there is much more to a man than the outer form. His intention was to place himself in a state of suspended animation and be buried alive six feet underground for three days.

In 1927, the magician Houdini, was attracting worldwide attention and announced that he could duplicate, by mechanical means, any so-called spiritual phenomenon ever produced. Hamid Bey was sent to the United States at this time to challenge Houdini. Three weeks after Hamid arrived, Houdini died. Hamid, then not knowing any English or any of the customs, signed up as a vaudeville act under a binding two-year contract. He spent the next two years, much to his disdain, doing his “act” on stage three times a day for sometimes heckling audiences. After that experience, he became great friends with Paramhansa Yogananda and traveled with him doing shows and lectures together.

To maintain his temple rank of seven-ring Master, Hamid had to return to Egypt every seven years. He was required to go through additional tests and examinations by his Master. In 1936 when Hamid returned to Egypt, he had a great spiritual experience. He was taken astrally by his Master to the secret Archive Chamber of the Great Pyramid. It was at this time his true mission was revealed. He was to go to the United States, which was to become the new Holy Land, to establish the Coptic Order. In 1937, Master Hamid Bey founded the Coptic Fellowship in Los Angeles, California.

In the following years Hamid dedicated his life to teaching the Universal Principles of right living throughout the United States. Helping him was a pure, humble man from Switzerland, Master Stanley. Only a few details are known of Master Stanley’s background because he would seldom speak of himself or his past

As a young boy in Switzerland, Master Stanley had a spiritual experience that led him to become a teacher of Truth. One hot day he rode his bicycle up a very steep hill. When he reached the top, he was totally exhausted. He went into a state of suspended consciousness. In his words, “the Christ” came to him and spoke. This experience served as a guiding inspiration all his life. Master Stanley often spoke of the Christ’s message of Love, which he wanted to get to as many people as possible.

Master Stanley first was introduced to the Coptic Philosophy when he attended a lecture by Hamid Bey in Detroit, Michigan. A deep spiritual bond was immediately recognized between them. He was ordained by Master Hamid Bey. Master Stanley set about helping to spread the Coptic Teachings throughout the Midwest. He founded the Detroit Coptic Temple, established and taught at centers in Milwaukee, Toledo and Chicago, and went on to open ten more centers throughout the Midwest.

In the next twenty-three years, Hamid Bey, aided by Master Stanley, continued to teach and establish Coptic Centers in the United States. Master Stanley reached the point of transition from his life in 1972.

John Davis, an honorable and humble man from Michigan, was ordained as a Coptic Minister by Master Stanley in 1969. After Master Stanley’s passing, John Davis became the Midwest Coptic director. In 1974, the Coptic Fellowship held their first National Convention in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

On July 16, 1976, Hamid Bey left his physical body. This happened for two reasons: first, he realized that people were not concentrating on learning the truth for themselves; and secondly, they were concentrating on his dynamic personality. He passed over in a hospital in Los Angeles from what doctors called cardiac arrest. Hamid simply stopped his heart from beating.

Before his transition, Hamid Bey chose John Davis to take over as National Director. According to his wishes, Hamid’s body was cremated, and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

Today, Coptics are continually growing. We no longer stand on the threshold of the New Age; we have proven ourselves and have stepped through it. The present Coptic Fellowship still follow the teachings of Hamid Bey and are universal in purpose.

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