The Gnostic Christ

In the realm of sacred knowing, the Gnostic Christ does dwell,
A timeless presence, a divine spark, a truth no tongue can tell.
Beyond the bounds of mortal flesh, transcendent and profound,
In mystic whispers, hidden truths, eternal wisdom found.

His eyes ablaze with cosmic fire, a love that knows no end,
He guides us through the labyrinth, our souls to mend and mend.
A teacher of the inner path, he leads us to the light,
Through trials and tribulations, he holds us through the night.

The Gnostic Christ, a mystic sage, his essence ever near,
In sacred texts and secret lore, his message we revere.
He unveils the illusion’s veil, the mysteries to explore,
A guide to seek the hidden truths, the treasures to restore.

With gnosis as our lantern, we journey through the soul,
A quest for deeper understanding, to make our spirits whole.
In union with the divine spark, the Christ within us gleams,
The Gnostic path of love and light, forever in our dreams.

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~Sakshi Zion

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