Jesus in India?

The spiritual training of Jesus

In India the masters initiated Jesus into yoga and the highest spiritual life, giving him the spiritual name “Isha,” which means Lord, Master, or Ruler, a descriptive title often applied to God. It is also a title of Shiva. The masters also instructed Jesus in the form his spiritual teachings should take and the specific yogic practices that should be given to his disciples. It was also decided that one of those disciples should be sent to India for the identical spiritual empowerment and instruction that was being imparted to Jesus. For some time Jesus meditated in a cave north of the present-day city of Rishikesh, one of the most sacred locales of India. In the years He spent in the Himalayas, He attained the supreme heights of realization. To augment the teachings he had received in the Himalayas, Jesus was sent to live in Benares, the sacred city of Shiva.

The worship of Shiva centered in the form of the natural elliptical stone known as the Shiva Linga (Symbol of Shiva) was a part of the spiritual heritage of Jesus, for His ancestor Abraham, the father of the Hebrew nation, was a worshipper of that form. The Linga which he worshipped is today enshrined in Mecca within the Kaaba. The stone, which is black in color, is said to have been given to Abraham by the Archangel Gabriel, who instructed him in its worship. Such worship did not end with Abraham, but was practiced by his grandson Jacob, as is shown in the twenty-eighth chapter of Genesis. Unwittingly, because of the dark, Jacob used a Shiva Linga for a pillow and consequently had a vision of Shiva standing above the Linga which was symbolically seen as a ladder to heaven by means of which devas (shining ones) were coming and going. Recalling the devotion of Abraham and Isaac, Shiva spoke to Jacob and blessed him to be an ancestor of the Messiah. Upon awakening, Jacob declared that God was in that place though he had not realized it. The light of dawn revealed to him that his pillow had been a Shiva Linga, so he set it upright and worshipped it with an oil bath, as is traditional in the worship of Shiva, naming it (not the place) Bethel: the Dwelling of God. (In another account in the thirty-fifth chapter, it is said that Jacob “poured a drink offering thereon, and he poured oil thereon.” This, too, is a traditional form of worship and offering.) From thenceforth that place became a place of pilgrimage and worship of Shiva in the form of the Linga stone. Later Jacob had another vision of Shiva, Who told him: “I am the God of Bethel, where thou anointedst the pillar, and where thou vowedst a vow unto me” (Genesis 31:13). A perusal of the Old Testament will reveal that Bethel was the spiritual center for the descendants of Jacob, even above Jerusalem.

Although this tradition of Shiva [Linga] worship has faded from the memory of the Jews and Christians, in the nineteenth century it was evidenced in the life of the stigmatic Anna Catherine Emmerich, an Augustinian Roman Catholic nun. On several occasions when she was deathly ill, angelic beings brought her crystal Shiva Lingas which they had her worship by pouring water over them. When she drank that water she would be perfectly cured. Furthermore, on major Christian holy days she would have out-of-body experience in which she would be taken to Hardwar, a city sacred to Shiva in the foothills of the Himalayas, and from there to Mount Kailash, the traditional abode of Shiva, which she said was the spiritual heart of the world.

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8 thoughts on “Jesus in India?”

  1. Bel leaf (wood apple) could be Bethel which is used in the worship (meditation/prayer) of Shiva along with milk and water.
    Also the circulation (Tawaf by Muslims at Kabah) is done around the Linga.

  2. Jesus is the God . He doesn’t need someone to teach him something. What you’ve written here is stupid and idiotic. For your information he didn’t come to India in his lifetime .
    Please don’t write these kind of foolishness.
    What you are serving , the so called ‘shiva’ is merely a fake diety. Try to understand the real God- ‘Jesus Christ’. Pray for his mercy ?? . Sorry, if this offended you. As a Christian I cannot be quite about these like blunders. That’s why I responded.

    1. Whomsoever is born & leaves the mortal remain that’s body ,is not God. But Jesus an embodiment of love & forgiveness ?, they are very very advanced souls descend to earth to freshen up human minds with same old age teachings but humans stuck to person but forget the messages they gave

      but his devotees so rude , can’t imagine.

      1. These aren’t the devotees these are the extremists. These dumb extremists who just know the word God but don’t understand the essence of religion will just rant name of their own God acting like only their God is the one. Perhaps a true follower and devotee will respect all religions and will believe in different God understanding they all lead to the path of love and peace.

    2. do the teachings of jesus say to call others idiots and shame them for not thinking like you? If im not mistaken jesus called those people who threw stones without fixing themselves hypocrites ?

      how is this any different, maybe follow his teachings before preachin

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