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3 Easy Ways to Die

This pic really struck me because of the truth of the 3rd way to die. “Love someone who doesn’t love you back… You will die daily.” While this could just mean emotionally, as one may feel like dieing each day as they continue loving someone who doesn’t return that love. Most likely this emotional death comes from a situation where the two persons were once lovers and no longer, and one still loves and misses the other, while the other does not, which can be painfully heartbreaking. This emotional dieing can also dramatically affect one’s physical, mental, and emotional health in a very serious way, numerous tests show the connection between our emotions and our health. It can truly kill you in the real physical sense just like cigarettes and alcohol. So, the truth is, whoever makes you feel this way, somehow find life and happiness. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Your health and happiness are worth it! You are worth it!

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~Sakshi Zion

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