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Love’s Divine Whispers – Poem

In the hallowed realms of sacred lore,
A tale untold, a love to explore,
A secret whispered, hidden in time,
Of Jesus and Mary, a love divine.

Amidst the scriptures, veiled in creed,
Lies a bond, woven with heavenly seed,
Two souls entwined, beyond earthly sight,
A union forged in celestial light.

In ancient lands, where mystics roamed,
Their hearts aflame, no bounds they owned,
He, the Son of God, with love so pure,
She, the Magdalene, an essence sure.

With tender gaze and whispers sweet,
They met in secret, their souls to greet,
A love that soared beyond mortal spheres,
Transcending pain, all doubts and fears.

Through dusty paths and starlit nights,
They shared a love that burned so bright,
In fields of wisdom, they danced and laughed,
Unveiling truths, where shadows bathed.

In sacred chambers, where truths reside,
They embraced the mysteries deep inside,
Their spirits merged, a divine entwine,
A love sublime, a sacred design.

Through love’s embrace, they found the way,
To bridge the realms, where spirits sway,
Their union blessed, a divine communion,
A sacred bond, defying all limitation.

Yet, history’s veil, through ages spun,
Veiled their love, as if it were undone,
But whispers linger, in ancient scrolls,
Of love’s redemption, where truth unfolds.

For in the depths of every heart,
Their love still beats, a vital part,
A message hidden, for those who seek,
To find the love that makes us meek.

In sacred whispers, their love survives,
A beacon shining, where the soul thrives,
In the realm of spirit, they remain,
Guiding us toward love’s eternal reign.

So let us honor, this love untold,
A sacred union, a love so bold,
For in its essence, we all may find,
The union of spirit, in heart and mind.

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