My New Song : In the Sunshine by Sakshi-I

Carlos, a fan of mine, way back from Myspace days, recently found me again on Facebook and he sent me a link to a video he made of my brand new song “In the Sunshine”. I was so happy to reconnect with him and hear his enthusiasm about sharing my music!

This is what he had to say:

“i made a YouTube video from your song on Myspace, In the Sunshine, if its ok with you i can link my video to your site or delete it if its not proper, i only made it because i love your music and wanted to make the world see your beautiful music. here is the link, let me know, i got so much love for you after so many years of knowing you and see you grow musically and spiritually, i just wanted to help, thank you very much, love and raspect!” ~Carlos

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I’m thankful to be able to touch people with my music and I am touched when fans reach out with support and become my friends! It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

So a little about the song:

It’s a brand new song about Spring Love called “In the Sunshine”. It’s gotta Reggae RnB vibe with a lil Hiphop & Dub flava! It brings together the essence of spiritual love in the musical form of appreciating nature, springtime, connection, beauty, love making and sunshine. Imagine spending time in a beautiful forest or tropical beach with the one you love, appreciating nature, the divine spark within each of you grows and glows with beauty and blissful connection, love and sun shines upon you and you feel grateful and blessed.

It features the Drums and Bass of Michael and Josh Jackson, the backing vocals of Imani Alpha, and Guitar, Melodica, Production, and Lead Vocals by yours truly…

Blessed Love,

I hope you got lots of VALUE from this post! If you have questions or comments, please share your comments below! Thanks for visiting my blog!

~Sakshi Zion

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