The Muses & the 7 days of the week

Which days of the week are associated with the muses?

In Greek mythology, the Muses are typically associated with different areas of the arts and sciences, but they are not specifically associated with particular days of the week. However, there is a traditional Western association of the days of the week with planets and deities. If we were to loosely associate the Muses with the days of the week based on their domains and the traditional associations, it might look something like this:

  1. Calliope (Epic Poetry) – Monday (associated with the Moon)
  2. Clio (History) – Tuesday (associated with Mars, god of war and bravery)
  3. Euterpe (Music) – Wednesday (associated with Mercury, messenger of the gods)
  4. Thalia (Comedy) – Thursday (associated with Jupiter, king of the gods)
  5. Melpomene (Tragedy) – Friday (associated with Venus, goddess of love and beauty)
  6. Terpsichore (Dance) – Saturday (associated with Saturn, god of time)
  7. Erato (Love Poetry) – Sunday (associated with the Sun)

Please note that this is a loose and modern interpretation and not a traditional association from ancient mythology.

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