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The Zodiac of Edessa & India – Margam Kali

*** The Zodiac of Edessa and India ***
*** A Translation of ‘The Nazarene Way’ ***

The Zodiac:

Hamat Teverya zodiac on the Sea of Galilee

The Margam Kali is a circular dance practiced by the St Thomas Church of Malabar in India — the Nasrani Syrian Church of India, founded by St Judas Thomas Didymus of Edessa, the twin brother of King Jesus-Izas.

For this dance, an old-style oil lamp is placed in the center, and twelve dancers circle the lamp while singing the Song of St Thomas. The story is a retelling of the Acts of Thomas, about Jesus selling Thomas to King Gundaphorus of India, and how Thomas (who was a carpenter or architect) would design a great palace for the king. There is a slight discrepancy here because Gundaphorus was an Indo-Parthian king in the north, while Chola and Malabar are in the south.

The underlying meaning of this circular dance would seem to be inescapable — it is symbolic of the zodiac. The central lamp is the Sun, surrounded by twelve constellations that dance around the Sun during the 26,000 year Great Year

Remember that the primary symbol of the Nazarene Judaism of Jesus and James was the zodiac, as typified by the Hamat Teverya zodiac on the Sea of Galilee. This zodiac was owned by Jesus of Gamala-Sapphias (the biblical Jesus), and Josephus Flavius was sent by the Jerusalem priesthood to destroy it in about AD 66 (because it depicted heretical images of animals).

So we have a direct connection here, between the Edessa, Galilee, and Malabar. The Nazarene Church of King Jesus-Izas owned a zodiac on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, while the Malabar Nasrani Church in India, founded by St Thomas the brother of Jesus, perform a zodiac dance.

The Nazarene Way:

Interestingly, the circling dance is called margam meaning ‘The Way’, while the Nazarene Church of Jesus and James was also called ‘The Way’ (see: Acts 9:2, 22:4, 24:14). ‘The Way’ of Jesus and James was called a heresy in Acts of the Apostles – a belief or practice that went against the Judaic religion practiced by the Jerusalem priesthood – but nobody really knows how or why The Nazarene Way differed from orthodox Judaism.

However, this new connection to Malabar in India may give us a rare insight into the original meaning of this mysterious The Way, and what it actually referred to. If the twelve-man circling dance of the Malabar Church symbolised the zodiac, and was called The Way, then surely The Way refers to the ecliptic – the great cosmic circle in the heavens above that connects all the signs of the zodiac. The ecliptic is not simply The Way of the zodiac constellations, but also of the Sun, Moon, and all the wandering planets.

If so, this is further confirmation that the Nazarene Church of Jesus and James was Sabaean – that it was a cosmic cult led by astronomer-priests who studied the movement of the heavens. They depicted the great circle of the heavens on their zodiac and used it in their daily rituals. It was a circular mosaic ‘table’ surrounded by twelve disciple-knights of the Round Last Supper Table.

The Margam Kali zodiac-table is the primary symbol of both King Jesus and King Arthur. And both are linked to the Nazarene-Nazrani Church of Jesus, James and Thomas – the princes of Edessa.

Nasrani Christian explanation of the Margam Kali

The Nasrani Margam Kali Zodiac dance of India

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