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Dance of Shiva & Kali

In realms divine, where mystic energies flow,
In tales of gods and goddesses, their powers aglow,
There shines a union, profound and wild,
Of Shiva, the destroyer, and Kali, the fierce and mild.

Shiva, the ascetic, adorned in ash and grace,
With matted locks that frame his tranquil face,
His third eye blazing, wisdom’s eternal fire,
In meditation, he quells the world’s desire.

Kali, the dark goddess, fierce and bold,
With a garland of skulls, her stories unfold,
Her tongue crimson, tasting victory’s thrill,
She dances in ecstasy, the cosmos to fulfill.

Together they dance, in the cosmic dance of life,
Their union a symphony, harmonious and rife,
Shiva’s calm and Kali’s storm entwined,
Their energies merging, intertwined.

Shiva’s tranquil gaze tames Kali’s raging storm,
Her fury subsides, her power transforms,
From destruction to creation, they manifest,
In their dance, the universe is blessed.

Shiva, the timeless, the ultimate ascetic,
Kali, the primal force, fierce and kinetic,
They embody the cycle, the ebb and flow,
Creation, preservation, and dissolution’s glow.

In their embrace, the cosmos finds harmony,
The dance of life, the eternal symphony,
With every step, they destroy and create,
Together, they embody fate’s intricate slate.

Oh, Shiva and Kali, the cosmic pair,
In their dance, we find the truths rare,
For destruction and creation are intertwined,
In the eternal cycle, forever aligned.

So let us embrace the dance of duality,
And seek the balance in life’s vast reality,
For Shiva and Kali, in cosmic embrace,
Remind us that existence is a sacred space.

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