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The Eternal Love of Shiva & Parvati

In the realm where mystic rivers flow, In the embrace of ethereal glow, Two divine beings, a cosmic pair, Shiva and Parvati, a love beyond compare.

Shiva, the ascetic, with matted hair, A meditative soul in tranquil stare, Cloaked in ashes, the blue-skinned lord, In his presence, the universe is adored.

Parvati, radiant goddess of grace, With eyes that illuminate every space, Her beauty blossoms like flowers in bloom, Enchanting hearts with her celestial perfume.

In Mount Kailash, their celestial abode, Where serpents dance and mountains erode, Shiva meditates, detached and still, While Parvati’s love, his heart does fill.

Through eons of time, their love has endured, In cosmic dance, their union assured, Opposites they are, yet perfectly entwined, The eternal lovers, their souls aligned.

In the dance of creation, they unite, Their love a beacon, shining bright, From destruction to creation, they move as one, In the cosmic play, their love is spun.

In Ardhanarishvara, they merge as a whole, The divine balance, the cosmic goal, Male and female, fused in divine bliss, Their union a symbol of eternal oneness.

With Nandi, the bull, at Shiva’s feet, And Kartikeya, their son, so sweet, Ganesha, the elephant-headed one, Their celestial family, all love has won.

In their love, the universe finds solace, A divine romance, never to be erased, Shiva and Parvati, the cosmic flame, Igniting hearts, in love’s sacred name.

Through endless cycles, their story will flow, An eternal saga, forever aglow, Shiva and Parvati, divine and true, In their eternal love, we find our cue.

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Dance of Shiva & Kali

In realms divine, where mystic energies flow,
In tales of gods and goddesses, their powers aglow,
There shines a union, profound and wild,
Of Shiva, the destroyer, and Kali, the fierce and mild.

Shiva, the ascetic, adorned in ash and grace,
With matted locks that frame his tranquil face,
His third eye blazing, wisdom’s eternal fire,
In meditation, he quells the world’s desire.

Kali, the dark goddess, fierce and bold,
With a garland of skulls, her stories unfold,
Her tongue crimson, tasting victory’s thrill,
She dances in ecstasy, the cosmos to fulfill.

Together they dance, in the cosmic dance of life,
Their union a symphony, harmonious and rife,
Shiva’s calm and Kali’s storm entwined,
Their energies merging, intertwined.

Shiva’s tranquil gaze tames Kali’s raging storm,
Her fury subsides, her power transforms,
From destruction to creation, they manifest,
In their dance, the universe is blessed.

Shiva, the timeless, the ultimate ascetic,
Kali, the primal force, fierce and kinetic,
They embody the cycle, the ebb and flow,
Creation, preservation, and dissolution’s glow.

In their embrace, the cosmos finds harmony,
The dance of life, the eternal symphony,
With every step, they destroy and create,
Together, they embody fate’s intricate slate.

Oh, Shiva and Kali, the cosmic pair,
In their dance, we find the truths rare,
For destruction and creation are intertwined,
In the eternal cycle, forever aligned.

So let us embrace the dance of duality,
And seek the balance in life’s vast reality,
For Shiva and Kali, in cosmic embrace,
Remind us that existence is a sacred space.

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~Sakshi Zion

The Divine Love of Shiva & Parvati

Once upon a time in a magical world, the divine Shiva and his consort Parvati roamed together. This divine couple was in perfect harmony, and all of creation stood witness to their love.

The story of Shiva and Parvati soon spread throughout the universe and it seemed as if the entire world was under their influence. Couples from all corners of the universe wanted to receive blessings from the divine couple.

One such story unfolded in the foothills of the Himalayas, where Shiva and Parvati had taken form as a god and goddess. As the sun set, anticipating their tryst, the two deities danced in the light of the moon.

The stars sparkled and the night seemed alive with energy that was felt everywhere. They were immersed in their love and lost in the sublime melody of creation.

As they danced, Shiva shared his spiritual knowledge with Parvati. Through this sacred knowledge, highly difficult concepts of the Upanishads were clarified by Shiva so that even the most distant star dancing at the edge of the night sky could understand the divine secrets of truth.

With the clarity of knowledge and the language of love, Shiva and Parvati continued to share their love with each other.

With their trances soaring, their amorous tale was revealed like a script from heaven.

The couple embraced each other with passion as the sky lit up in sky blues, pinks and orchids.

The gods of the sky watched in awe and admiration as the divine pair embraced, knowing that this was a union that would forever remain monogamous to one another.

In time, Shiva and Parvati’s love story was remembered and hailed in the annals of the Upanishads and their union was celebrated by the people of the world who forever stand witness to the divine beauty and eternal resonance of the spiritual love story of Shiva and Parvati.

Shiva Shakti


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Poem for Goddess Shakti

Goddess Shakti meditates on the Divine Light,
Basking in its radiating might.
She transcends all limitations of the body,
Harnessing the power of cosmic energy.

Her soul travels to the source of all knowledge,
By her divine will, Her heart is enlarged.
Breathing in the frequency of divine surrender,
She knows Her path is true and tender.

The Light radiates within and without,
Awakening Shakti to the grandest thought.
Immersed in cosmic bliss Supreme She reigns,
Rising to the top of infinite planes.

Removed from the realm of limited sight,
The Goddess opens Her eyes to the All-Encompassing Light.
Her soul soaks in the Divine—emptying of all prior strife,
And is filled with boundless grace, love & light.

Kundalini Shakti Devi

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Saint Sarah, Santa Sara La Kali, Sarah the Egyptian

Saint Sarah aka Santa Sara La Kali aka Sarah the Egyptian aka Sarasvati Lakshmi Kali, daughter of Jesus & Mary Magdalene, known by Catholics as Egyptian servant to the Three Mary’s as they fled from Roman persecution in Jerusalem to France to a place now known as Saintes Maries de la Mer in Camarque, France.

To the Romani Gypsies, she is Santa Sara la Kali, the Patron Saint of the Gypsies. To Gnostics, Essenes & Nazoreans she was actually the daughter of Jesus & Mary Magdalene, disguised as a servant to hide her true identity. It is said that, every year since their arrival the people have been celebrating the day of their arrival to France at the coast with a large pilgrimage festival. The day of the pilgrimage honouring Sarah is May 24; her statue is carried down to the sea on this day to re-enact her arrival in France.

Some authors have drawn parallels between the ceremonies of the pilgrimage and the worship of the Hindu goddess Kali (a form of Durga), subsequently identifying the two. Ronald Lee states:

“If we compare the ceremonies with those performed in France at the shrine of Sainte Sara (called Sara e Kali in Romani), we become aware that the worship of Kali/Durga/Sara has been transferred to a Christian figure… in France, to a non-existent “sainte” called Sara, who is actually part of the Kali/Durga/Sara worship among certain groups in India.”

The name “Sara” itself is seen in the appellation of Durga as Kali in the famed text Durgasaptashati.

In The Rozabal Line, author Ashwin Sanghi puts forward that Sara-la-Kali refers to the three Hindu goddesses – Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Kali – the goddesses of Knowledge, Wealth and Power – symbolizing the trinity of female power.

Triple Goddess Poem

She came to me in many faces, the Triple Goddess herself.

She was like Parvati, sweet, nurturing, affectionate, understanding, kind and compassionate. She loved me and supported me and believed in my dreams. She was like a mother to my daughter and that meant the world to me.

She was like Durga, fierce, protective, queenly, loyal and powerful, standing up for righteousness and truth, dignified and demanding respect. She stood up for me and protected my heart, she believed in honesty and the loyalty of true love. She cared for us, while living her dream and rising in her power. I respected her so much.

She was also Kali, dreadful, cold and harsh. Unleashed and unchained.. she ripped my head off and swallowed my heart, while fucking me to pieces… Our love was obliterated by her recklessness & self-sabotage.

For the Goddess Power is also unpredictable and unforgiving at times. It was a whirlwind and completely devastating but I learned to “let go” and that perhaps is her greatest lesson to me. Letting go of false pretenses and false promises. Letting go of expectations and worries. Letting go of fear. Letting go of her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Because my love ran so deep. I believed in us and somehow.. I still do.. but now we part, with a broken heart, because I still fuckin love you, goodbye.?

yes, this is bittersweet, but I guess that’s life. ?

-By Sakshi Zion (Written in May 2019)

Shiva & Parvati
Kali Maa