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Queen Scota – Egyptian Queen of Scotland

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful and brave princess, who was known as Scota. She was the daughter of Pharaoh Ankhanaton.

The princess had heard many tales about the far away lands of Scotland, and she had a dream of exploring these unknown places. She decided to set off on an adventure, so she gathered her loyal servants and sailed away from the shores of Egypt.

During the journey, Scota and her entourage faced many perils, but her strength and courage kept them all safe. After a long and difficult voyage, they finally reached the shores of Scotland.

The princess was delighted by the beauty of her new home, and determined to make it her own. She sought out the local chieftains and forged alliances, offering them her friendship in exchange for their loyalty.

In time, the princess’s presence had a major impact in the region. The people of Scotland adopted the culture and religious teachings of Egypt, and Scota’s name passed into history as the beloved founder of the Scots people.

Over time, her legacy and influence only increased, and the stories about this beautiful and brave princess lived on for centuries. Even today, when people think of Scotland, the name of Scota is remembered fondly.

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The Biblical Patriarchs were Egyptian Pharoahs??

There is starting to surface evidence that the Biblical patriarchs from Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, David, Moses and literally all the most relevant names even Jesus, which previously could not be found in the historical record, can now be found in the historic records if looked at in a slightly different era with slightly different names.. the history of the Hebrews & Egypt is very controversial & mixed in ways that made their symbology & traditions almost indistinguishable at times, and eventually Egypt became the scapegoat and thing to reject and divorce from seemingly in extreme ways.. but when you connect the Essene-Nazorean, Knights Templar & Free Mason history & symbology you start to see how these Egyptian Mystery School traditions were maintained covertly for thousands of years.. despite the sometimes overt and extreme cover-up… Imagine now that many of the great Patriarchs of the Bible were actually great Pharoahs of Egypt… ??

Read books like “Jesus Last of the Pharoahs” and “Solomon Pharoah of Egypt” by researcher Ralph Ellis for more info & evidence on this. The implications of this cover-up is manifold & revealing! ?????