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Poem for Mary Magdalene

Tell the tale of Mary Magdalene
the rightful heir of long and great family
Her name has been forgotten and blurred
Lies and truths will soon be heard

She carried Jesus’ love and will
Anointed with great understanding and skill
A secret church that no man can see
A passage of faith so powerful and free

She was the treasurer of the loving way
A descendent of a king and queen arrayed
Subject to persecution and pain
Yet still persevered as she sustained

A messenger who brought light to darkness
Gnosis, wisdom lead to brightness
Truest faith, Union with the Divine
Forever and ever will Mary Magdalene shine

Maria Magdalena

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The Biblical Patriarchs were Egyptian Pharoahs??

There is starting to surface evidence that the Biblical patriarchs from Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, David, Moses and literally all the most relevant names even Jesus, which previously could not be found in the historical record, can now be found in the historic records if looked at in a slightly different era with slightly different names.. the history of the Hebrews & Egypt is very controversial & mixed in ways that made their symbology & traditions almost indistinguishable at times, and eventually Egypt became the scapegoat and thing to reject and divorce from seemingly in extreme ways.. but when you connect the Essene-Nazorean, Knights Templar & Free Mason history & symbology you start to see how these Egyptian Mystery School traditions were maintained covertly for thousands of years.. despite the sometimes overt and extreme cover-up… Imagine now that many of the great Patriarchs of the Bible were actually great Pharoahs of Egypt… ??

Read books like “Jesus Last of the Pharoahs” and “Solomon Pharoah of Egypt” by researcher Ralph Ellis for more info & evidence on this. The implications of this cover-up is manifold & revealing! ?????